Programs at Evergreen


This half day program has the highest ratio of educators to students and provides a safe, warm environment where interest in learning is sparked at an early age. With specially designed materials, these children have the opportunity to choose activities at their own unique pace. This hands-on classroom is designed to foster independence, self-confidence, and curiosity. This program also emphasizes key developmental abilities essential for future progress in the later classrooms, such as pincer grip, voice control, gross motor skills, phonic awareness, grace & courtesy, and care of self.

Early Childhood

This program nurtures the needs of children ages 3-6 years. While many traditional methods suggest that children are incapable of understanding complex concepts, Maria Montessori recognized that children of this age are like sponges, eager to soak up all that the environment offers them. For this reason, the Early Childhood classroom is very rich and inviting to the children, offering them independent exploration of a carefully prepared environment with materials specifically designed for their unique interests and abilities. This program also emphasizes the responsibilities that each student has in creating a peaceful classroom community. Experience with materials in this classroom lays an essential foundation for future research and understanding in the elementary classrooms.

Lower Elementary

The Lower Elementary classroom builds on the progress of children in the younger classrooms by helping children ages 6-9 to order the universe. Because children of this age have an insatiable curiosity, this program seeks to offer them the world in what is often called a Cosmic Curriculum. This program uses the formation of the universe, galaxies, and our Earth to launch studies of astronomy, science, physical & cultural geography, biology, language, math, and geometry. Using hands-on, manipulative materials as well as creative projects and dramatic story-telling, children in this program gain an understanding of the universe and our world unparalleled in traditional schools. This program fosters curiosity, imagination, and independence by catering very specifically to the interests and needs of these older children.

Upper Elementary

This classroom is designed for children ages 9-12 years. Building on the foundation laid in the Lower Elementary classroom, this program expands the curriculum with greater depth into history, science, geography, language, and math. Employing diverse individual projects for all subject areas, this program brings the curriculum alive for these older children, enabling them to initiate research and discovery on their own as they complete and design these projects. This classroom also emphasizes the need for these children to see the real world through extensive field trips and hands-on activities.